Macy May

I adopted Macy from a cat rescue I used to volunteer for. When I adopted her at 5 months she already looked to be the size of an adult cat and since then she has only grown… must be the Maine Coon in her! Macy has been blind since birth. Unlike some blind cats, Macy has her eyes, they just don’t function normally. The tapetum lucidum, the shiny part of a cats eye that helps them see in the dark, is extremely prominent in Macy’s eyes. I often wonder if this part of her eye is overdeveloped and that contributed to her blindness (if anyone knows more feel free to chime in!). Once Macy learns her surroundings she does really well getting around. She can jump up on the cat tower and go up and down stairs. The only time you notice Macy is blind is when something is moved or unfamiliar but we take care to keep her surroundings as stable as possible.

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