Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships

Oregonians- check out an upcoming talk where I will discuss the role of cat personality in the cat-human relationship!

Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships
Is your cat a unique individual with a distinct personality? Scientific research indicates- yes! Cats display a wide range of personalities that influence their relationship with humans. This talk will examine current feline personality research as well as the applied benefits of considering personality when adopting, training or interacting with cats.

WHEN: July 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Willamette Humane Society Education Hall 4246 Turner Road Southeast Salem, OR 97317


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  1. franhunne4u says:

    When I had to get another second cat for my tom as the female died I had no preferences concerning colour or gender – but what was important was that the personality of that cat was not overly aggressive and still strong enough that the cat would not be bullied by my tom. I chose wisely (was very lucky!): They hit it off from the first moment they met, no hissing, no cat fight. Personality is everything, looks is nothing. It took me months to find out that the “girl” I adopted had more brown than black fur, as she hid in shadows when I was in the room. Now she has adjusted very well and I can even tousle her hair against the direction it is growing.
    But – the personality you see at the adoption centre might change when you get the cat home! I remember my tom being the most outgoing when I took him home – and he hid for a full day when I brought him home with a cat he knew (who died later) while the other, cautious at the shelter, was very exploring after a few hours. You can never be sure with a cat’s personality when you change the circumstances.

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