1. Ember Twygg says:

    My cat won’t begin to jump for the treat, but she will sit up. How should I build up to this high jump?

    1. maueyes says:

      Hi Ember! Keep rewarding your cat to sit up. It might take a few sessions but over time only reward for taller and taller stands and these may eventually turn into jumps. Even if the “jump” is more of an unbalanced stand at first just reward anything close to a jump. Your cat might catch on and be jumping before you know it! If your cat is toy motivated you can also try using a feather toy or another preferred item. Put that above the cat’s head and try to entice them to jump. Then when they do jump give a reward. Also here is another video that may be helpful: https://youtu.be/SspjoIR9Gr8

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