Cat Science

Blog posts focusing on our scientific knowledge of cat behavior 

sniffSocial behavior of cats: This post contains an ethogram listing social behaviors of cats.


TailWrapCats have friends too: Many people think of cats as solitary creatures. But, did you know that free-roaming colony cats have complex social relationships? Read what science has to say about social relationships in cat colonies.

stoshpetDo cats understand human emotions? Yes!:  A study published in Animal Cognition entitled “Social referencing and cat–human communication” examines if cats can evaluate the emotional state of a human and change their behavior in response. Read about what the researchers found in this post!

IMG_20150701_165044 Scent, security, and stress: Does your cat get anxious and hide when people come
over? Does your cat pee or scratch on the carpet? These behaviors may indicate your cat does not feel secure in their environment. Learn how you can help your cat to feel more secure in their home.


Additional Sources: Papers & videos


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