Media Appearances

Select media appearances on radio programs, podcasts, webinars, and TV. Learn more about Kristyn Vitale here. 


Radio Interview: Does Your Cat Like You — Or Just Tolerate You?
ShortWave Program Interview with Kristyn Vitale
National Public Radio (NPR)

Radio Interview: My Cat, The Judge
Program presented by ​comedian Suzi Ruffell, Interview with Kristyn Vitale at 19 min 13 sec.
BBC Radio 4

Podcast Interview: Feline Behavior Myth Busting
Fresh Scoop Podcast Interview with Kristyn Vitale
Morris Animal Foundation

Radio Interview: Cats Take ‘If I Fits I Sits’ Seriously, Even If The Space Is Just An Illusion
Brief Interview with Kristyn Vitale
National Public Radio (NPR)


Audiobook: Decoding Cats: Inside the Feline Mind
Narrated & Written by Kristyn Vitale
Audible Originals & The Great Courses

Documentary Film: Comment le chat a conquis le monde [How the Cat Conquered the World]
Documentary featuring research by Kristyn Vitale beginning around 26 min. 
ARTE Films, France

Webinar: Kitten Socialization Quarantine Quintessentials
Virtual Event Presented By Tabitha Kucera & Kristyn Vitale
maueyes Cat Behavior & Chirrups and Chatter Behavior Solutions

Webinar: The Science of Cat Social Lives: Improving Cat-Human Relationships
Virtual Event Presented By Kristyn Vitale
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Science

Podcast Interview: Ask a cat behaviourist: Socialising cats, separation anxiety in cats, fixing bad behaviours & finding what motivates your cat with Dr Kristyn Vitale
Interview with Kristyn Vitale
Catexplorer Podcast

Radio Interview: Does Your Cat Really Hate You?
ShortWave Program Interview with Kristyn Vitale
National Public Radio (NPR)


Video: Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts. But is anyone brave enough to study them?
Media Featuring Research by Kristyn Vitale 
Science Magazine

Podcast Interview: Famously Fickle Felines Are, in Fact, Clingy
60 Second Science Interview with Kristyn Vitale
Scientific American

Video Interview: Researcher Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs 
Interview with Kristyn Vitale

Radio Interview: New OSU Research Says Your Cat Loves You Just As Much As Your Dog
Morning Edition Interview with Kristyn Vitale
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Podcast Series: CatSci Podcast
Hosted By Kristyn Vitale & Tori Peterson
maueyes Cat Behavior & Space Cat Academy 


Facebook Interview: Kristyn Vitale Behavior Live!
Michael Shikashio Interviews Kristyn Vitale
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)

Podcast Interview: Your Cat Thinks You’re Cool
60 Second Science Interview with Kristyn Vitale
Scientific American 

Radio Interview: Los gatos prefieren el contacto humano que la comida, ¿por qué?
Interview with Kristyn Vitale
W Radio Columbia


TV Show: Ep 12 : Cat Training
Pets and People Episode Featuring Kristyn Vitale
Willamette Humane Society