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Print: Magazine Articles & Books 

  • PawPrint Magazine: The Brainpower Puzzle, 2022 Special Issue.

  • Health Magazine: Why are we Gaga for our Pets? December 2021.

  • Centennial Special Issue Magazine: Inside Your Cat’s Mind, 2021 Special Issue.

  • The New York Times: Cats, They’re Great but Misunderstood. March 29, 2020, Newspaper

  • DER SPIEGEL: Katzen sind schlauer als gedacht [Cats are smarter than expected]. December 12, 2019 Magazine

  • The New York Times: Aloof? For Cats, It’s Just an Act. 1, 2019 Newspaper

  • Science Magazine: Ready to Pounce. May 2019 Magazine

  • National Geographic Kids: Cat Science Unleashed. Published Aug. 2019, Book

  • The Wall Street Journal: There Is Now Scientific Proof Your Cat Is Ignoring You. April 4, 2019 Newspaper

  • National Geographic: Do You Really Know Your Cat? 2017 Magazine

  • The New York Times: Ok, You’re Acceptable: Empirical Evidence: Cats Love People. May 1, 2017 Newspaper

  • Oregon’s Agricultural Progress: Building the Bond Between Cats and People. June 2016 Magazine


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