CatSci Ep. 4: Adventuring With Your Cat

Some may believe that cats are not cut out to travel, go on hikes or camping trips, or join their owner out on a kayak. But new trends in cat ownership are proving quite the contrary. Join us for our next episode where we discuss what it means to be an adventure cat.

CatSci Ep. 3: Cat Relationships, Human-Cat and Cat-Cat

Did you know that cats can lead rich social lives? Join us for our next episode where we discuss the social relationships cats have with people and other cats.

CatSci Ep. 2: Everyday Enrichment, Spice Up Your Cat’s Life

Providing enrichment allows your cat to behave like a cat. Join us for our next episode where we discuss easy ways to provide enrichment to your cat in order to stimulate their mind and increase their wellbeing.

Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans

Our research on cat-human attachment bonds was recently published in Current Biology. We found that cats display distinct attachment styles toward their owners. These styles are the same styles that human infants and dogs display toward their caregivers. As seen in this video, secure cats use their owner as a source of security and comfortContinue reading “Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans”