Kitten Training Classes? New Research Suggests Cat Stereotypes Are Just That

New Media Mention: Kyle Bunnell, The Corvallis Advocate June 22, 2016
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CA_June-23_cover2Kristyn Shreve, a graduate research fellow in OSU’s Human-Animal Interaction Lab, or HAI Lab, loves cats. She plays with them, talks to them, and, most importantly, studies them. It turns out we know rather little about cat cognition. Science has a lot left to tell us about the best way to communicate with our feline friends, including whether or not they even consider us friends at all. And this is where the research at the HAI Lab comes in. A study they are currently conducting aims to shed some light on the ways in which cats and humans socialize with one another. Not only that, but as part of the study, free kitten-training classes are given, providing a foundation for communication between owners and cats. This is research that has not been done before, and, looking at the numbers, is sorely needed…….

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Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships

Oregonians- check out an upcoming talk where I will discuss the role of cat personality in the cat-human relationship!

Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships
Is your cat a unique individual with a distinct personality? Scientific research indicates- yes! Cats display a wide range of personalities that influence their relationship with humans. This talk will examine current feline personality research as well as the applied benefits of considering personality when adopting, training or interacting with cats.

WHEN: July 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Willamette Humane Society Education Hall 4246 Turner Road Southeast Salem, OR 97317


Free Kitten Training Class in Corvallis, OR

Hello all! I will be leading another free kitten training class in Corvallis, OR winter 2016. Please see the below flyer for details. Contact me if you have any questions or if are interested in enrolling the the class. It will be a lot of fun for humans and kittens alike!

See this link for videos from the previous kitten training class! 


Stroller Cat

The farmer’s market in downtown Corvallis, Oregon is filled with crafts, vegetable stands, food carts, music and tons of dogs enjoying constant attention from strangers. In the middle of all the commotion I was surprised to see a beautiful Abyssinian cat getting pushed in a stroller. He did not seem fazed by the excitement and calmly accepted the dogs that approached and sniffed him and the people that petted her. He enjoyed all the attention he received for being the only feline in the market. Strangers commented on his beauty and how unique he was to enjoy the crowds of people.

When I tell people I work with cats people often comment they are not “cat people” for a variety of reasons including cats hate being around people, cats only care about themselves, and cats manipulate humans for their personal gain. Anyone who has gotten to know a cat knows these are not valid statements. Cats, like any animal, have a wide variety of personalities. Sure, there are some cats that are independent and do not enjoy much company (just like some humans!). But, it is a myth that all cats are asocial introverts. Cats form strong, enduring bonds with humans. For example, watch this recent video of a cat protecting a boy in it’s family from a dog attack (WARNING: graphic photos at end of video). This is not an isolated incident. There are numerous stories of cats protecting those they care about from harm. This is one reason I find cats so interesting. They have evolved to be solitary and independent, yet domesticated cats form strong bonds with humans and a wide variety of other animals. Please don’t judge an entire species based off hearsay or one experience!