Kitten Training Classes!

Think you can’t train cats? Think again!

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The Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab Offers FREE kitten training classes in Corvallis, OR!

Have a kitten between 4-8 months? Join our next free 6-week class!

Kittens socialize and play with one another and meet new people (and you meet other cat owners!) Learn how to use positive reinforcement to work on problem behaviors and teach:

-Come when called
-Go to mat & stay
-Walk on harness & leash
-Trick behaviors like “sit pretty”, high jump, jump through hoop, fetch… and many more!
-See video below to watch kittens from our first class!

There are opportunities to receive FREE gift cards, cat training materials, and cat enrichment items for participating in the class!

Contact: Kristyn Shreve for more details!
kristyn.shreve [at]

Here are clips from the first class offered by the HAI Lab!

Not able to join us for the training class? We are also looking for kitten volunteers between 4-8 months to participate in fun research tests in the Human-Animal Interaction Lab in Corvallis, OR. Contact me for details!


Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships

Oregonians- check out an upcoming talk where I will discuss the role of cat personality in the cat-human relationship!

Contemplating Cat Personality in Cat-Human Relationships
Is your cat a unique individual with a distinct personality? Scientific research indicates- yes! Cats display a wide range of personalities that influence their relationship with humans. This talk will examine current feline personality research as well as the applied benefits of considering personality when adopting, training or interacting with cats.

WHEN: July 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Willamette Humane Society Education Hall 4246 Turner Road Southeast Salem, OR 97317



This beautiful Siamese-wannabe cat lived in the park near the Weddle Covered Bridge in Sweet Home, Oregon. The Weddle Bridge was built in 1937 in Crabtree, Oregon. The bridge was later disassembled due to safety issues and moved to Sweet Home where it now crosses Ames Creek. I followed the cat as it made the rounds at the park trash cans and looked for scraps of food.