Announcing CatSci Podcast Coming this Summer!

I am so excited to announce we are launching CatSci Podcast this summer! The podcast will cover the current science behind cat behavior and cognition and discuss cat training and enrichment ideas. This is a collaboration between myself and Tori Peterson of Space Cat Academy. Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to dateContinue reading “Announcing CatSci Podcast Coming this Summer!”

If you think cats are antisocial, maybe it’s you, scientists find

New media mention about our cat sociability research! Washington Post By Karin Brulliard January 16, 2019 Dogs may have stolen the Internet from cats, but cat memes endure — and many center on one theme: Cats are aloof jerks. The primary ambassador of this notion, naturally, is Grumpy Cat. But cats of all sorts, these memes tell us,Continue reading “If you think cats are antisocial, maybe it’s you, scientists find”

Interview with an American Cat Researcher

Originally posted on Lincoln Animal Ambassadors:
Photo from Kristyn Vitale Kristyn Vitale has always owned cats. As a child, she used to watch them and wonder what was going on in my cats’ heads. Kristyn feels that her curiosity about how cats see the world led her to a career path where she could explore how cats…

Social Lives of Cats in Japan: Memories

Memories of Japan (懐かしい) Kurama-dera (鞍馬寺): Temple in the northern mountains of Kyoto. Tashirojima (田代島): Cat island in Ishinomaki, near Sendai. Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道): Walking path in Kyoto.