This is Pester. His ear is a little funky in this photo, but the farm dogs have gladly helped him wash it out and now it is back to normal. He got his name from his clingy nature. He acts like a little kid, constantly pestering the farmer for attention and staying directly in front of her, threatening to accidentally trip her at every step. Although his main companion is the farmer, he can often be found walking around the farm with his pals Spirit and Belly.

Ghost-est with the most-est


This is Ghost. His name is fitting as he is the most stealthy cat on the farm. The farmhouse is well over a hundred years old and in need of some major repairs. There is a hole at the top of the house in which the cats are able to exit through and sun themselves on the roof.  But, Ghost can scale the side of the house via overgrown shrubs and the house siding and actually climb up onto the roof and enter the house through the hole. He is also able to get off the roof and onto the ground with ease. He can enter and exit the house at his pleasure. I have seen other cats attempt this feat only to fall off the roof- with no cats being seriously hurt. Ghost has some serious skill.



This is Misfit, Queen of the farm colony. She has a bossy attitude which causes the other cats to keep their distance from her. She often dominates the food, growling and swatting at cats who come to close to the pile she has designated for herself. Despite her antagonism towards other cats, she loves the farmer and often watches her as she mucks out the stalls or works in the field.






This is Scar. Before being neutered he fathered many cats on the farm, including Spirit. He is one of the colony bosses, along with Misfit. This summer Shy had a litter of kittens and it is unknown whether these kittens were related to Scar. But, Scar has a soft spot for kittens and they were often seen sunning and sleeping alongside him.

Cat a day

Spirit meet camera

Each day I will be posting a new photo from my collection of cat photography taken throughout my time working with and researching cats.

This is Spirit. He lives in a colony of 30 farm cats who are well taken care of by the farmer. He lives here with many of his relatives. Almost all his colony has now been spayed and neutered to stop any more kittens from being born on the farm. The colony shares the farm with a brood of chickens, a flock of sheep, a team of horses, a potbellied pig and a trio of dogs.