Master’s degree awarded!

Hello all! It has been awhile since my last post. Me and my girls have been busy moving across the United States! I have begun a new doctoral program in Animal Behavior specializing in cat behavior, cat cognition and the human-cat relationship.

If anyone is interested in checking out my Master’s thesis it can be found at this link: The Influence of Food Distribution and Relatedness on the Social Behaviours and Proximities of Free-Roaming Cats


Macy and Cecilia prepare for their cross-country trip!


This beautiful Siamese-wannabe cat lived in the park near the Weddle Covered Bridge in Sweet Home, Oregon. The Weddle Bridge was built in 1937 in Crabtree, Oregon. The bridge was later disassembled due to safety issues and moved to Sweet Home where it now crosses Ames Creek. I followed the cat as it made the rounds at the park trash cans and looked for scraps of food.