Kitten Socialization & Training

Think you can’t train cats? Think again!

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The Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab Offers FREE kitten training classes in Corvallis, OR!

Have a kitten between 3-8 months? Join our next free 6-week class!

Upcoming Classes:

  • Spring 2017 (Still accepting participants for our research program- see below!)
  • Kittens must be up to date with their vaccines to attend class

Kittens socialize and play with one another and meet new people (and you meet other cat owners!) Learn how to use positive reinforcement to work on problem behaviors and teach:

-Come when called
-Go to mat & stay
-Walk on harness & leash
-Trick behaviors like stand, high jump, jump through hoop, fetch… and many more!
Click here for more cat training videos!

There are opportunities to receive FREE gift cards, cat training materials, and cat enrichment items for participating in the class!

Contact: Kristyn Vitale Shreve for more details!
kristyn.shreve [at]

We are also looking for kitten volunteers aged 3-8 months to participate in our research program in the Human-Animal Interaction Lab in Corvallis, OR. Sessions observe your kitten’s social behavior in a new environment with familiar and unfamiliar humans. You can earn FREE gift cards for participation! Contact me for details!


Want to learn more about this research? Our classes were recently featured in The Corvallis Advocate! Click here to read the article!CA_June-23_cover2